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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Beach escapes, city breaks, far-flung adventures…there really is no end to the options available when it comes to planning your holidays for the year ahead. But just as important as selecting the right holiday is to pick the right travel insurance policy; one that provides real peace of mind by offering cover that gives you the flexibility to travel when you want, at the right price.

If you think you’ll be going away several times over the next 12 months don’t waste your time and money taking out a policy for each trip. Instead, take a look at the benefits that Premier Cover’s Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance provides.

If you’re into your winter sports you can add this cover onto your policy and there’s a range of other options including specialised gadget, golf and cruise cover to ensure your policy fits your needs. If you take out a policy as a couple or for your family, you’re all covered to travel independently.

Our team has over 35 years of experience in travel insurance and as Premier Cover specialises in providing cover to those with existing medical conditions, we’re here to help make the process as easy and simple as possible.

What Is Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you travel frequently then Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance is the ideal policy type for you. You’re covered for all the trips you make during a one-year period (there is a 50 day maximum duration for each trip, reduced to 35 days for those aged 66 and over), as long as each trip starts and ends in the UK.

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Key Benefits Of Our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

  • Cover for all your trips throughout the year (maximum trip duration limits apply)
  • Available up to age 85
  • Independent travel at no extra cost on couple and family policies
  • Scheduled airline failure included
  • Consideration for ALL existing medical conditions
  • For a full list of cover please view our Cover Levels

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Why Should I Choose Annual Travel Insurance?

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance often works out as more cost effective than buying multiple Single Trip Travel Insurance policies. With an Annual Travel Insurance policy you’re covered for all the trips you make during a one-year period (there is a 50 day maximum duration per trip, which is limited to 35 days if you’re aged 66 and over), as long as each trip starts and ends in the UK.

When Should I Book My Travel Insurance?

You should ideally book your travel insurance and start the policy as soon as you have booked your holiday, as this way you’ll be covered for cancellation from the date the policy commences. You can choose to start your policy on a different date from when you buy your policy, for example from the first day of your trip, but then you won’t be covered for cancellation. Remember that as a rule, we cannot provide travel insurance for things that have already happened and any cover purchased after the event in question will be considered invalid.

What’s The Difference Between Annual Travel Insurance And Single Trip Travel Insurance?

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance is ideal for those that travel more frequently throughout the year and prefer the flexibility of knowing their covered to head away at any time in those 12 months.

Single Trip Travel Insurance is ideal for short trips away or if you only have one trip planned for the year.

What Area Of Travel Should I Select?

This entirely depends on where you are travelling to!

Instead of providing travel insurance for each individual country, we provide travel insurance by region to make booking your travel insurance even easier. Our four areas of travel are as follows:

  • UK
  • Europe (excludes Morocco, Tunisia & Egypt)
  • Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada & the Caribbean)
  • Worldwide (including USA, Canada & the Caribbean)

If you are choosing to purchase an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy, then make sure that you select an area of travel that will cover all of your possible destinations. For example, if you are travelling to Germany, and then onto Canada, just select “Worldwide (including USA, Canada & the Caribbean)” under area of travel.

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Travelling With Existing Medical Conditions

What Is An Existing Medical Condition?
An existing medical condition is any illness or underlying condition that you are aware of prior to taking out your travel insurance policy. Although emergency medical treatment is covered by our policies, we can’t cover conditions that you neglect to inform us about, and this could result in your claim being rejected. As such it’s best to declare all conditions at the time of purchase and in many cases, there may be no additional premium to pay. If you are unsure about anything, please give our friendly team a call on 0330 123 5682 and they will answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process too.

How Do I Declare An Existing Medical Condition?
Declaring an existing medical condition couldn’t be any easier. If you are booking your travel insurance online, then use our quick and easy medical screening process, you’ll be asked a few questions about the specific nature of your condition. If you’d rather speak to someone over the phone, then give us a call on 0330 123 5682 and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you through the process.

Travelling With Medication?
If you need to take prescription medication with you on holiday, as a result of an existing medical condition, then make sure that the medication in question is legal to take into your destination of choice.

Travel Advice For Those With Existing Medical Conditions

  • If you take medication for your existing medical condition, then make sure that your medicines are legal to take into your destination of choice. Over the years there have been numerous cases of people being detained, or even arrested, for carrying medicines legal in the UK to other countries.
  • If you’re travelling to Europe, then make sure that you have taken out an EHIC card, which provides access to necessary, state-provided healthcare for those on a temporary visit to the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Are there specific factors that may affect your existing medical conditions? For example, if you know that hot weather exacerbates conditions such as arthritis, then you can plan the time of year that you choose to travel accordingly.