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Golf Travel Insurance

If you’re planning on taking your clubs to foreign climes to enjoy a round or two of golf this year then you’ll want to ensure you’re covered for all eventualities with a Premier Cover travel insurance policy.

At Premier Cover our team has over 35 years’ experience in providing travel insurance so you can be confident that we provide premier cover, premier value and premier service.

What Is Golf Travel Insurance?

Golf Plus travel insurance is an addition to your regular policy, it adds extra features specific to your golfing trip such as cover for lost/stolen golf clubs as well as unused green fees.

Why Should I Choose Golf Travel Insurance?

If you are taking expensive golf clubs with you on holiday, then you may want an extra level of cover to protect you should anything happen to them.

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What does Premier Cover’s Golf Plus Travel Insurance Include?

  • Green Fees: If you have pre-booked your golf game, and this is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, then we will pay up to the amount shown in the summary of cover.
  • Golf Equipment Hire: If your personal golf equipment is lost or misplaced then we’ll pay for you to hire replacement equipment for each 24-hour period that your personal equipment is made unavailable.
  • Golf Equipment: If you are taking your own golf clubs and equipment on your trip then you’ll want to make sure that these are protected. If your golf clubs are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip then we will pay for them to be replaced (providing that they haven’t been recovered).
  • Hole-in-one: If you score a hole-in-one during a competition, don’t worry, we’ll pick up the bar tab! Just make sure that your scorecard is signed by yourself and a club professional.

Key Benefits Of Our Travel Insurance

  • Single Trip cover available with no upper age limit.
  • Up to £10m cover for emergency medical treatment
  • We consider all existing medical conditions
  • Cover for over 100 sporting activities
  • For a full list of cover please view our Cover Levels

All of the above features, and much more, are included as standard in our travel insurance policies. With a golfing holiday, there are specific factors that may affect your trip so taking out our special Golf Plus add on will give you extra specialised protection and added peace of mind.

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Why Choose Premier Cover?

24/7 Emergency Helpline

100+Activities Covered FREE

Up to
£10m Medical Cover Per Person

Up to
£10,000 Cancellation Cover Per Person

What Travel Insurance Type Should I Choose?

If your golfing holiday is the only trip that you are taking this year then Single Trip Travel Insurance is ideal for you. You’re covered for trips to 100 days in duration, to a single area of travel.

If you are planning to take multiple trips this year then check out our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance. You’ll be covered for all the trips that you make during a one-year period (there is a 50-day maximum duration for each trip, limited to 35 days for those aged 66 and above), as long as each trip starts and ends in the UK.

You can add our optional Golf Plus cover onto any of our policy types.

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