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Travel Insurance vs EHIC

Why get covered?

Should you fall ill or get injured while abroad the cost of health care can run into many thousands of pounds. As such it’s vital to take out a travel insurance policy that you can feel confident in and that gives you peace of mind that someone will be there to help when the unexpected occurs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I have an EHIC card - isn’t that enough?

The EHIC card provides holders with the opportunity to access reduced cost, and sometimes free, healthcare when traveling to member countries in the European Economic Area or Switzerland. However, it is only valid for treatment offered under the state scheme in line with that provided to those that live in the country. And it doesn’t cover the cost of repatriation if you need to be brought back to the UK. It also doesn’t cover other items that a travel insurance policy can such as delay, baggage, valuables and cancellation costs.

However, if you use an EHIC card when accessing medical treatment abroad then we will waive your excess if you need to make a claim. To access more information visit www.nhs.uk/ehic